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03/12/2018: "Mondays"

music: Nothing
mood: not excited for work

I'm covering for someone tonight as well as tomorrow night. This is the last full week of classes before Winter quarter finals, which are next week. I'm so glad I'm not a student anymore!!! Also in better news, my wonderful partner deleted a lot of stuff off my laptop which holds Photoshop, which means it's not that slow anymore and Photoshop is up and working!!! I haven't touched graphic design in a little while because this laptop (which I'm currently on right now) was SO SLOW and bulky, and I had no place to set it down.

I also have my internship tomorrow, Weds and Thursday sad which means I wake up at 6 am for the next three days. In better news, it's ending soon because they don't have enough work for me.

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